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Junk Cars

Junk Cars

Get Paid for Your Scrap Vehicle

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We Buy All Makes & Models

At West Michigan Recycling, we can repurpose vehicles in any condition.

Junk Cars
Junk Cars

No usable parts

Whether or not your car has usable components, we will recycle your car for scrap metal.

Junk Cars

Get an Estimate for Your Car!

Tell us your vehicle's make, model, and year to get a fast, fair offer.

Junk Cars
Junk Cars
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How To Sell Your Vehicle

Unlike other types of scrap, selling a car, truck, or another vehicle involves additional steps beyond simply accepting a cash offer. Use this handy checklist to help make sure you can legally sell your Michigan vehicle.


Sign your Michigan title document.

To transfer ownership of a car, the buyer and seller both need to sign the document that grants ownership, or title, to the vehicle. If your title lists multiple owners whose names are NOT separated by "OR," they all must sign the title document. How to sign:

  1. Sign only in the portion on the front of your title document that says "Title Assignment By Seller." Do not do anything on the back of the document.

  2. Sign the document with an ink pen where it says "Signature of Seller(s)."

  3. Print your name (don't sign) where it says "Printed Name of Seller(s)." Print your name exactly as it appears in the owner section of the title document.

If your title looks different or you have questions, contact your local Secretary of State.


Apply for a duplicate title if necessary.

If your title document is missing or destroyed, you can Request a Duplicate Title online or at your local Secretary of State branch. If your vehicle was not titled in Michigan, apply for a duplicate from the state that issued the title. In some cases, we can purchase vehicles without a title; however, we must see proof of ownership, such as a photo ID and non-expired registration.


Remove the license plate and registration.

If you want, you can keep and Transfer Your License Plate to a new vehicle at a Secretary of State office. If you have no plans to transfer your plate, Michigan SoS recommends destroying it by cutting it in half or bending off a corner.


Notify your insurance provider.

Let your insurance company know that you've sold your vehicle so they can cancel your auto insurance policy or transfer it to a new vehicle.


Keep a record of the sale.

Unless you and the buyer meet at a Secretary of State office, you’ll need to keep a copy of the reassigned title or a receipt of sale for at least 18 months.

Contact your local Secretary of State office with any questions.

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