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Metallic Pieces

Sell All Kinds of Recyclable Metal Scrap

Scrap Materials

Pile of rusty metal

Other Scrap Materials

We offer you a paycheck for scrap metals, machinery, and more. Metal is easily recycled and can often be reused indefinitely without losing the properties that make it an excellent material for manufacturing, construction, automotive, and other industries. Recycling keeps scrap out of landfills and reduces the impact of manufacturing or mining new materials. You'll get to add some cash back into your pocket too!

Contact West Michigan Recycling for all your scrap metal and recycling needs.



We'll offer you top dollar for industrial machines, lawn equipment, and more.

Electric motors

Electric Motors

You may not see the value in a broken motor, but electric motors can be recycled for copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and other metals.

Motor blocks

Motor Blocks

The engine block from an old car or other machines can be broken down so that ferrous and nonferrous metals can be collected and reused.

Ferrous grades

Ferrous Grades

We accept all grades of ferrous (or iron-containing) metals, including mill and foundry grades.

Nonferrous grades

Nonferrous Grades

We accept nonferrous metals, including copper grades, brass grades, stainless alloys, and aluminum grades.

Cast iron

Cast Iron

Cast iron is infinitely recyclable and useful for a variety of applications, from cooking pans to radiators.   

Structural steel

Structural Steel

When a steel structure has reached the end of its life, steel can be recycled indefinitely into new building materials.    



Found in cables, wiring, pipes, and electric hardware, copper is a highly sought-after scrap material.



After being reprocessed, aluminum can be made into a wide array of new products.  



Lead, including lead-acid batteries, can be smelted and safely reprocessed by a professional recycling company.

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